Features of The Alan App


The all-in-one food allergy pocket guide

Specific Features

Whether you're traveling to a different country or going to your favorite restaurant, The Alan App will be there for you. We provide all of the resources you will ever need in one place because we want to help you manage your food allergies effectively. 

The Alan App provides an allergy translator, symptom tracker, restaurant menus, and allergy-friendly recipes. 

We want you to have all of the possible resources at your fingertips; that's why we have a section where we list helpful organizations in addition to allergy-friendly brands and products.

  • Allergy Translator

  • Symptom Tracker

  • Restaurant Menus

  • Allergy-friendly Recipes

We aim to build a community

The Alan App will be the first mobile application with a food allergy messaging system that helps people speak to others of a similar age group, with similar experiences. 

We have different group chats depending on your age group - whether you are a parent, young adult, or teenager, you will be able to freely share your experiences or ask questions. 


Someone said, "I definitely see a need for community and communication in the food allergy community for my age group (college students and young adults).  I think it's spread across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I think it would benefit from a medium made for the allergy community". 


Through our mobile application, we hope to strengthen communication within the food allergy community, 



What to do in a food allergy-related emergency

Specific Features

It is important to understand the symptoms of an allergic reaction so if it occurs, you will know what to do. The Alan App provides instructions on how to administer epinephrine and describes the symptoms of an allergic reaction. If you go into anaphylaxis, you will have all of the tools you need at your disposal. 

If you are a parent, you can teach your friends or potential caregivers about your child's food allergies. If they download our app, they will be provided with a guide in addition to the child's medical contacts. 

  • Epinephrine Instructions

  • Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction

  • Caregiver's Guide to Food Allergies

  • Medical Contacts