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Food Allergy Laws

As an individual with food allergies, you have rights. Here are some laws created by families who have suffered from unimaginable loss. ​We thank them for what they have done for the food allergy community, and we give them our condolences.

  • Elijah's Law requires daycare training and education of food allergy protocols

  • Natasha's Law requires that food businesses must include full ingredient labeling on pre-packaged foods 

  • The Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Law requires food handlers to have a certification in safe food handling practices for common food allergens 

  • Gio's Law requires first responders in New York to learn how to inject epinephrine and requires them to carry it in their vehicles

  • Annie LeGere's Law permits Illinois first responders to carry and administer epinephrine​​

  • Dillon's Law allows Wisconsin citizens to receive proper training on how to administer epinephrine

  • Allison Rose Suhy Act encourages Ohio staff and student food allergy training