College Preparation for Food Allergies -Hannah

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

As a rising high school senior, the summer before one’s senior year is often filled with college application preparation. However, as someone who has a peanut and tree nut allergy, thinking about college can bring anxiety. Will my future roommate be accepting and understanding of my food allergies? Are there signs in the dining hall that list the ingredients? How many EpiPens should I get before college? Where around campus can I refill my prescription for EpiPens? Where is the closest hospital? Is there a campus wellness center that addresses food allergies? Are there any clubs that are centered around food allergy awareness? While college will definitely be a time for me to take full responsibility with my allergies, I am excited to see where this responsibility will take me. Hopefully I can connect with other students who have food allergies and bond with them that way. The Alan App website has been helpful when thinking of these questions. I have been able to see articles about dealing with food allergies in college and see other’s experiences. Moving internationally this summer will also prepare me for managing my food allergies in college. I will need to answer the questions above in a month and it will be practice for college in that way. Whatever happens in regards to my allergies in college, I am so thankful for the food allergy community and for others that have been through the same situation I will be going through. I also can’t wait for the Alan App to be released so I can easily access all of the helpful food allergy navigational information! #foodallergiesandcollege #foodallergyawareness

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