Fashion meets medical needs

Kata Révy bags provide top-notch style and safety with their fashionable yet functional medication bags. These bags are a must have for anyone with food allergies, as they securely protect and stylishly carry epinephrine and other allergy must-haves. These unisex leather bags come in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging from cross body bags to wristlets. Customizable with colorful straps, these bags emphasize secure storage for one’s medical devices, while also maintaining a luxury design.

I had the opportunity to receive and review the Orenda Cross Body bag, and to say I was pleased is an understatement. I was blown away by the high quality and appealing look of the bag. The attention to details (whether it be the neat stitching or the classy yet sturdy zippers) was impeccable. The bag looks high quality and chic, and they could be used in both a formal and casual occasion.

The bag features multiple different pockets specifically designed and measured to hold medical devices. The mini front section of the bag features a conveniently sized pocket - one that to those with food allergies, would be perfect for holding Benadryl or allergy cards. This pocket is great for other non-allergy related gadgets too - I can definitely see myself keeping my keys and some loose change in that pocket.

The front compartment is specifically designed to fit a cellphone. The size accommodates both iPhone and Android sizes, and even provides an additional pocket to store credit cards. Sealed with a high quality, durable gold zipper, the pocket is both protective of one’s phone while still providing easy access.

The main compartment is designed for epinephrine and other medical equipment. This large yet non-overbearing compartment has built-in EpiPen, Auvi-Q, and Asthma inhaler storage. Its inside canvas lining provides a clean, durable interior. The canvas pockets are also lined with elastic, allowing for the pockets to expand to fit other larger sized medical needs. Even with two EpiPens and an inhaler, the bag is still able to fit other additional necessities. 

As previously mentioned, while the bag provides great storage of medicine, it does not sacrifice looks. The bag is still luxurious and high end, and its high quality features are what makes this bag unlike any other. Its innovative and contemporary design stands out but still remains trendy in this day and age.

Kata Révy bags are a must-have: they perfectly store one’s allergy essentials, but they are still luxurious nonetheless. Personally, I am amazed that I had not discovered these bags earlier. Aside from the fact that they are simply gorgeous, they fit everything I need so securely. Rather than being ashamed of needing to carry an EpiPen, Inhaler, and Benadryl everywhere I go, with these bags, I am no longer embarrassed. I am excited to have such a high quality bag that suits my needs. Kata Révy bags make carrying my essentials easier and more enjoyable. There is simply no excuse to forget my medicine when Kata Révy bags do the work in such a stylish manner.

I would say these bags are to-die-for, but since they carry my life-saving medical equipment, I won’t die.

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