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    Allergy Friendly Protein Bars

    It is difficult to find a healthy snack with you have food allergies. Protein bars are a great snack when you are hungry but can contain nuts. Below is a list of my favorite allergy-friendly protein bars:

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    Allergy Friendly Skincare Products

    Many people tend to overlook the possibility of allergens within non-food products such as skin care. However, skincare products can often contain ingredients that have allergens in them. Here is a list of allergy friendly skincare products:

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    Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy

    Though this year's Halloween is a little bit different, still be able to enjoy your favorite allergy-friendly treats! These are some our favorite companies that offer allergy-friendly Halloween snacks!

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    Nut-Free Chocolate

    Having a peanut or tree nut allergy can make it difficult to find allergy-friendly chocolates. Personally, I love chocolate - it satisfies my sweet tooth. We compiled a list of nut free chocolate brands that will make your life a lot easier!




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