Hidden Names for Common Allergens

June 5, 2020


Here are some different names for common allergens that you need to look out for:

INGREDIENTS THAT MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED BY PEOPLE WITH A PEANUT ALLERGY: artificial nuts, arachis oil, hydrolyzed protein, beer nuts, peanut oil, ground nuts, nut meat, nougat, marzipan, mani, Valencias, kernel paste, and mandelonas.

Those with an egg allergy should be very cautious because egg protein can be found in vaccines, baked goods, and other foods. PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN ANY OF THESE INGREDIENTS SHOULD BE AVOIDED BY THOSE WITH AN EGG ALLERGY: albumin, lysozyme, mayonnaise, meringue, vitellin, ovo, ovalbumin, surimi, silici-albuminate, and livetin.

PEOPLE WITH A MILK ALLERGY SHOULD AVOID FOODS CONTAINING ANY OF THESE INGREDIENTS: casein, curds, custard, diacetyl, lactalbumin, tagatose, whey, hydrolyzed casein, lactoferrin, and dental supplements such as Recaldent.

SOY IS FOUND IN MANY ASIAN AND VEGETARIAN DISHES, AND PEOPLE WITH A SOY ALLERGY SHOULD AVOID THESE INGREDIENTS: edamame, miso, natto, shoyu, soya, tamari, edamame,, soy protein, mono-diglyceride, garbanzo beans,vegetable protein, and tofu

HIDDEN NAMES FOR GLUTEN INCLUDE: food starches, rye, graham flour, emmer, barley, malt, spelt, and farro.